À quoi ressemble le calendrier de planification pour un MBS? À quelle distance devriez-vous commencer à planifier?

  • La planification devrait commencer vers 6-7 mois avant la date à laquelle nous souhaitons commencer la collecte de données.
  • La collecte des données doit avoir lieu pendant ou peu de temps après la saison des pluies dans chaque zone, comme l'accessibilité le permet, recognizing unpredictable nature of rains.
  • Allow 8 weeks for data collection (especially if a national survey)
  • Allow 3 months after data collection for data entry, nettoyage, et rédaction du projet de rapport.
  • Overall timeline = approximately 10-12 months.
  • See the timeline we shared along with the MBS guidelines (Excel file) for more details.

How do you determine the appropriate sampling strategy (the level of granularity needed)?

  • This is discussed and decided on with the NMCP, PME, and BA, and will focus on the utility of the data (ie, at what level will detecting differences be useful to inform SBC strategies?)
  • For a national survey, regional representativeness is recommended (grouping ofgeopolitical areas of a country into a handful of regions/zones)
  • Grouping most likely would be based on malaria transmission zones, but can also consider cultural groups, availability of malaria services, urban/rural considerations.
  • Guidance on this is further detailed in the MBS Implementation Guidelines
  • Once the level of granularity is decided, the sample size calculations will be based on the demographic structure of the zones and estimates of key MBS indicators. See the Guidelines for further details.